Understanding the various roles and credentials involved in electrical services is essential when identifying the correct professional for your needs. 

A Level 2 Electrician is one of the most critical positions in the electrical sector in New South Wales. They possess a number of useful skills thanks to their superior knowledge and certification, which ensures compliance with stringent safety rules.

The Basics of Level 2 Electricians

A Level 2 Electrician is a licensed expert with specialised training and authorisation to undertake electrical work on the network assets controlled by energy distributors or utilities. Level 2 Electricians, in contrast to regular electricians, are qualified to operate on the electrical supply infrastructure, such as overhead power lines, underground cables and metering equipment. Regular electricians typically only work on private premises.

Responsibilities and Services Provided

Connection and Disconnection

These experts are capable of re-connecting or severing electrical service lines from the electricity grid. They manage both momentary disconnections for upkeep or renovations and long-term disconnections for building removal or demolition.

Metering Installation and Configuration

Electricity meters can be installed, repaired and replaced by Level 2 Electricians. They guarantee that metering equipment is operating properly and measure power consumption accurately.

Overhead and Underground Service Lines

Level 2 electricians handle the installation, repair and maintenance of overhead power lines and underground service lines. This covers tasks like establishing new connections, enhancing current lines or conducting repairs in the event of faults or damage.

Energising New Installations

A Level 2 Electrician is essential for the supply of electricity while a new building is being constructed. They ensure the property is securely and dependably connected to the electrical grid.

Electrical Fault Identification and Repair

Electricians at the Level 2 level are capable of identifying network-wide electrical issues. They can quickly identify and fix problems, minimising downtime and assuring a steady electricity supply.


In order to perform their work legally and safely in NSW, Level 2 Electricians are required to obtain a higher level of certification and licensing than domestic electricians. They undergo rigorous training and exams to prove their proficiency in handling complicated electrical systems and guarantee adherence to safety norms and laws.

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