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Sydney Commercial Lighting

A J Services Group is the leading name in commercial lighting. Whether you have an existing issue or require a new installation, our well-presented and professional tradesmen will get the job done right the first time. Additionally, you have the peace of mind of knowing that all our work is guaranteed for a full 12 months. When you engage us to work on your commercial lighting project, you have the confidence of knowing that we’re professional commercial electricians.

Why choose just any electrician for your important project? A J Services Group provides a mixture of quality service, value for money and reliability that’s difficult to find nowadays. You will enjoy the confidence of knowing that our team can be left on site with minimal supervision. Your job is our utmost priority from inception to completion.


General Lighting Installation Sydney

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. You want to make sure that everything goes smoothly and safely. In terms of electricity, you can rely on the team at AJ Services Group to ensure that everything in your new home is safely installed and running as it should be. We work with both commercial and residential clients throughout the Sydney area and are a reliable and hardworking team.

We understand that running electricity to a new home is becoming more and more complicated, so we always ensure that we are up-to-speed with all the latest innovations. Whether you’re looking for smart wiring, high-tech networking or something simpler, our team is more than able to do the job.


We'll take your next electrical or security project from planning to professionally implemented.


Specialty Lighting Sydney

We have vast experience of providing speciality lighting to the Sydney commercial sector. No matter your requirements, you can be assured that we will work with you to make your speciality lighting requirements come to life. We provide the very highest standards of service, so you can be assured that your project will be completed by honest, talented professionals.

Whether you know what speciality lighting you want or if you wish to talk your options through with us, we will work with you to ensure your lighting is in line with your vision. You will discover what it’s like to deal with a company that goes above and beyond each and every day. We are only happy when our clients are


Emergency Lighting Sydney

Emergency lighting is crucial to all commercial properties, as it helps people to escape in the case of a fire. There are specific Australian government guidelines in place in regard to emergency lighting standards. As members of the National Electrical Contractors Association, our entire team of licensed tradespeople and apprentices ensure that all services we provide are always aligned with existing current regulations, including Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

The team at A J Services Group has all the experience, knowledge and skill to install the right emergency lighting for your needs and that complies with Australian standards. We can also maintain your emergency lighting so that it continues to operate as it should throughout the years. For more information about anything related to emergency lighting, get in touch today.


Electrical and Automation Services for Strata, Residential, and Commercial Needs


Electrical and Automation Services for Strata, Residential, and Commercial Needs


AJ Services Group have over 15 years experience in the latest residential electrical solutions


AJ Services have been working in the commercial sector in Sydney.


At A J Services, we know that time is money, and we can deal with all your industrial electrical repair.

Data and Communications

As a longstanding and leading residential
and commercial communications contractor in Sydney.

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