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Security and CCTV
Access Control

The ability to control who enters your premises, and when, are some of the very fundamental aspects of any access control system. An access control system can protect people, property or information by preventing unauthorised entry to essential areas in your business. It can be integrated with alarm, CCTV and intercom systems to help monitor movement of personnel, vehicles, supplies, equipment or anything else of value.

A J Services Group can design an access control system that can achieve the following outcomes, and more:

Security and CCTV

Alarm Systems

A security alarm system provides the foundation for reliable and dependable security in the home. office or workplace environment, with numerous features available. Security alarm systems can act as a deterrent of any unauthorised access to your premises. Having a system that can monitor and alert appropriate personnel to trigger the appropriate action will improve overall security, safety, and peace of mind. With many product suppliers on the market, we can help you make the right decision by tailoring your security alarm system to meet your specific needs. 

All modern alarm systems can be monitored by approved 24/7 manned response teams or simply be connected via smartphones for self-monitoring if so desired. This allows users to have comprehensive system status and full control of their alarm system from virtually anywhere. Let A J Services Group undertake a comprehensive audit and detailed design consultation process, then provide your organisation with the most appropriate alarm solution.


We'll take your next electrical or security project from planning to professionally implemented.

Security and CCTV

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems can provide a simpler means of increasing security by providing you or your employees a means of identifying a person seeking entry prior to granting physical access. A J Services Group can provide all types of Intercom Systems from single button voice-only systems to full audio and video multiple display door-controlled system. Integrate your intercom with your access control system a more control and flexibility.
Talk to us today to discover the simplicity and functionality of today’s advanced intercoms.

Security and CCTV

CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV security and monitoring systems have become a part of modern-day life. Advancements in CCTV have seen improvements in optics, megapixel count and IR capability. However, CCTV systems now provide high-end video analytics such as number plate recognition, facial recognition, thermal recognition, movement sensing, unattended baggage alerts and a host of other important functions. CCTV systems can be securely accessed locally from your network, or remotely accessed via any pc or your smartphone and tablet device. CCTV systems provide a host of camera styles ranging from dome or bullet cameras, fixed or variable focus lens, stationary or PTZ controllable units, day-time or night-vision capabilities at A J Services Group, our team will choose the right camera for the right position that is ‘fit for purpose’.  A J Services Group works with only the most cutting-edge technology and leading brands so you can rest assured that your surveillance system is keeping you and your property safe and secure at all times.

Talk to us today to discover the simplicity and functionality of today’s advanced intercoms.


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Electrical and Automation Services for Strata, Residential, and Commercial Needs


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