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Data & Communications

Data Centres

Here at A J Services Group we specialise in data centre installation. A data centre is crucial to business clients. It is a network of storage and computing resources that enables the delivery of data and shared software applications. A data centre is invaluable in terms of supporting business applications. These can range from anything such as simple files sharing and email through to ERP, CRM and more.

A J Services Group can create your data centre with your specific requirements in mind. We understand how crucial it is for you to get your business done on time every time. For this reason, we always do what we say we will when we say we will. Our electricians are completely reliable and very well qualified and trained. Contact us today to discover the A J Services Group difference!

Data and Communications

Sydney Data Design

Our experienced, highly trained and innovative team has all the knowledge, training and qualifications needed to create a robust data centre design for your Sydney business. We have worked on many of these projects, so we know what we’re doing and have vast experience of creating innovative solutions to data centre design problems.

Data centres are crucial for allowing your business to keep on effectively functioning. Our holistic approach to their design enables you to stay on top of today’s quickly evolving and changing technologies. Contact us today so that we can deliver the best package for your needs.


We'll take your next electrical or security project from planning to professionally implemented.

Data and Communications

Sydney Data centre Installation

When it comes to data centre installation, our team will create tailored robust solutions to enhance and further your operations. We take multiple factors into consideration including energy usage, location and resource availability to create the best suite of services to perfectly flow with your IT operations. We have a proven and established approach to data centre design and creation. Speak with us today for details.

We understand that your data centre is the beating heart of your business. As this is crucial for your day to day operations, we provide you with bespoke, specialist support when you need it. We deliver workable solutions that last. Get in touch today to find out how we can help support your business operations.


Electrical and Automation Services for Strata, Residential, and Commercial Needs


Electrical and Automation Services for Strata, Residential, and Commercial Needs


AJ Services Group have over 15 years experience in the latest residential electrical solutions


AJ Services have been working in the commercial sector in Sydney.


At A J Services, we know that time is money, and we can deal with all your industrial electrical repair.

Data and Communications

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